Helsinki is adapting to climate change

As a consequence of climate change, the global temperatures are rising and extreme weather phenomena, such as torrential rains and droughts, will become more common. The city must prepare for any impacts affecting society, public health and the environment that can no longer be avoided.

Adapting to climate change means that nature and people will learn to conform to climate change by taking advantage of the resulting benefits and minimising the harmful effects. Cities play a special role in this, since they have the power to implement most of the adaptation methods.

Helsinki is preparing for climate change by managing rainwater run-off in a natural way and developing tools to be used by planners. The city has compiled its adaptation visions, priorities and means into a single plan, Helsinki’s Climate Change Adaptation Policies for 2019–2025. By implementing these policies, Helsinki will be able to adapt to the changing climate.

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Helsinki is adapting to climate change

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