Shared-use vehicles

Vehicle sharing is a convenient option for sustainable mobility in Helsinki. Public transport is conveniently accessible by a city bike or an electric scooter. You don’t have to own a car when multiple vehicle sharing services offer a wide variety of cars for different needs. By combining different modes of transport, you can choose a suitable and sustainable way to move around Helsinki.

Vehicle sharing is an environmentally friendly solution, as it reduces the need to produce new products and thus saves natural resources. The reduction in the number of vehicles also frees up urban space for other uses.

City bikes and other shared bikes 

Using the yellow city bikes of the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) is effortless in the everyday life of a mobile citizen. There are almost 4,600 bikes in use in the Helsinki and Espoo areas – and the nearest station can easily be found in the HSL application.  

Electric bicycles by Helsinki Freebike are available in a limited area in Helsinki and Espoo. Freebikes can be found at geographically defined bike stations.

Electric scooters 

E-scooters are convenient vehicles for shorter trips from one place to another. The difference between e-scooters and city bikes is that e-scooters don’t have their own docking stations. Instead, you can hop on an e-scooter wherever and ride them directly to your destination. E-scooters should be parked like bicycles: next to a bike rack or by a building, so that they are conveniently accessible for the next user.

Please note the parking reform of e-scooters.

E-scooters must not be driven on sidewalks and you must comply with traffic regulations for cyclists when riding an e-scooter. The use of a helmet is recommended. 

Shared cars 

Shared cars are well suited to the occasional need for a car. The car can be used even for a few hours at a time, and pick-up points can be found all around the Helsinki metropolitan area. Some shared cars can be contracted on a monthly basis, and the car is at your disposal when you need it. You can find shared cars in most parts of Helsinki.

There are many different ways and platforms for car sharing. Some are based on peer-to-peer sharing, where the car owner rents their own car to others. In this case, the shared car can be found even in your own neighbourhood. In sharing services, you can easily choose an electric car or a plug-in hybrid as your vehicle. 

Peer-to-peer rentals 


It is also possible in Helsinki to go on the water without your own boat with the help of Skipper’s city boat service. The service operates on a seasonal basis; the customer is, therefore, committed for the entire summer season (from May to October).  

Rowing boats can also be rented from, for example, canoeing centres. 

Circular economy Service Map

Shared-use vehicles and mobility services in the Helsinki region are gathered in the Helsinki Region Service Map of circular economy. On the Service Map you can locate various vehicles and services – shared-use cargo bikes and trailers inter alia.

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