Climate-smart housing companies

More than half of Helsinki’s emissions are caused by the heating of buildings. The greatest emission reduction potential lies in energy renovations: for example, a building can be made significantly more energy-efficient during a renovation.

In the long term, most emission reduction methods are financially beneficial to property owners, because heating the property and water accounts for a large portion of common expenses. Many of these methods will also increase the comfort of living.

Energy renovations

Energy renovations are the most effective climate action that a housing company can take. The City of Helsinki offers free advice and help for housing companies. The City of Helsinki offers engineering help and support for housing companies running block of flats and interested in finding out how to carry out effective and financially viable energy renovations. Read more about energy renovations »

Energy tips for housing companies

  • An easy method is to measure temperatures around the building in the common areas and private flats during the heating period. See if there is significant variation in the temperatures taken in different parts of the building and check that the radiators and valves are working properly. Reduce any overheating and instruct the residents on the correct use of radiator valves.
  • By adjusting the taps to recommended flow rates, the level of water consumption can easily be reduced. Instruct the residents on ways in which they can reduce their water consumption and, subsequently, their water bills.
  • A more efficient use of electricity in the building’s common areas is also prudent. This can be achieved through simple methods: adopt LED lighting, reorganise sauna slots, check the operation and condition of communal cold storage facilities, adjust the heating times of block heater poles and check the electric defrosting.

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