An emission-free small building

Approximately half of the energy consumed in small buildings is for heating. In addition to this, energy is used to heat up water and to run household appliances and air conditioning. People living in small buildings can reduce their energy consumption with a few simple tricks.

  • Lowering the indoor temperature by one degree saves five per cent of energy used.
  • Insulating doors and windows will also make a difference.
  • Furthermore, water consumption can be reduced by adjusting the flow rate of taps and purchasing water-saving plumbing fixtures.
  • Energy-efficient appliances, lamps and bulbs will have an effect on the electricity consumption.
  • Before making any repairs, you should consider your options carefully – an energy advisor will provide you with help in choosing and replacing your heating system.

More detailed tips and advice are available by Motiva. Motiva coordinates national energy advice for consumers in Finland.