Material for energy renovation

Here you will find materials for developing a housing company’s energy efficiency and for the preparation and implementation of energy renovations.

Energy efficiency survey

Energy efficiency survey

The energy efficiency survey identifies profitable and possible energy efficiency measures for your housing company. It is best to obtain an energy survey from an impartial expert company.

What should you consider in an energy effiency survey?

For tips and basic information on commissioning an energy survey, see our article (in Finnish).


Suggest an energy survey for your annual general meeting

If you do not serve on the board of your housing company, your best chance to promote energy renovation is the housing company’s general meeting. At the meeting you should propose for your housing company to obtain an energy survey. You will find a ready-made text piece for proposing an energy survey and other instructions on this page in English (link).

Tender template for energy effiency survey

We have developed a preliminary tender template for obtaining a housing company’s energy survey. You can get the template by contacting us with our contact form (link), or by requesting a template by e-mail directly at energiaremontti(a)

List of service providers

Service providers for energy repairs and effiency surveys

If you are looking for service providers to carry out energy survey or energy repairs, check the list of service providers in Finnish. We are keeping the list updated.

A guide to an energy efficient housing company

A guide to an energy efficient housing company

The guide provides comprehensive information on improving the housing company’s energy efficiency and considering energy issues throughout the year. You can find the guide in PDF format in Finnish on the Finnish Green Building Council’s website (link).

Construction of electric car charging stations

Construction of electric car charging stations

Read how to promote electric car recharging points in a housing company and how the acquisition of recharging points proceeds from the article on our website in Finnish (link). At the bottom of the page, you will also find links to other good materials related to electric car charging stations.

Energy renovation – what, why and how?

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