Climate Partners

Collaboration between the City of Helsinki and businesses

The Climate Partners network is intended for companies that want to take part in making Helsinki a carbon-neutral city. It is also possible for institutions like universities, colleges and other organisations to participate in the operation of the network as ‘support members’.

The objective of Climate Partners is to:

  • Create new operating methods and new business opportunities.
  • Increase new and innovative ways of cooperation in order to reduce emissions in the city area.
  • Communicate the results.
  • Share knowledge on the best practices.

What is an environmental commitment?

The members of Climate Partners define their own organisations’ goals in mitigating climate change over the next few years. These goals must be aimed at improving the current situation and exceeding the current legislative requirements.

How does the Climate Partners network operate?

The network creates new operating methods that enable a more responsible way of doing business and working together with other operators. The network members receive the latest information about the city’s Carbon-Neutral Helsinki 2035 action plan and the related events. Network-related events may also be held at the members’ own premises.

Deputy Mayor Anni Sinnemäki is in charge of signing climate commitments on behalf of Helsinki. Progress on the commitments is annually reported to the network coordinator. The goals and achievements are published on this website.

Contact requests:

Susanna Suomalainen, Climate Partners’ Network Coordinator
Tel. +358 9 310 27730